We Are Keen Observers Of Change


Change is everywhere. It’s not just the change but pace of change is what compounds the way we need to address the imperatives and problems that come with it. We hear this in almost every discourse of consequence that we need new thinking and new ways of doing things. In such a context innovation is no more a mystic term being practiced by an elite few, but it is the norm and is part of mainstream conversation. In our current world innovation is the strategy.

This blog is an attempt to share our thoughts on imperatives & problems that change brings, and mindsets and ways that we need to internalise to address them. A good starting point could be to understand what prevents us from thinking and doing things in new ways, what holds us back.  Once you are aware of what holds you back, you can be better prepared to unshackle.

We hope that this blog informs you and provokes you in constructive ways.

Nav Qirti is Principal and Managing Partner of Ideactio, a Singapore based design consultancy with outposts in Berlin and Hong Kong.

Reima Rönnholm is one of the nordic pioneers of service design. He represents Palmu, a service design consultancy from Finland, in Asia.